Active Shooter Courses

Active Shooter Courses

In our Active Shooter Response training we utilize the well-known PPT G.E.A.R. system that teaches this course in a classroom environment with physical drills that teach the key points of an active shooter event. For community members and businesses.

Active Shooter events occur to often and our goal is to educate our community members on what is needed, create a plan of action and drill on the steps utilized by PPT G.E.A.R.

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The next Active Shooter incident is already in progress, but you haven’t heard about it yet.

• From the first radio call of “Shots Fired” to the last call of “Shooter Down,” the entire incident will likely only be 8 to 12 minutes in duration.
• The shooter began his meticulous preparation and planning months, sometimes years in advance.
• The psychological, social and economic consequences of the incident may last decades, even a lifetime.
• To effectively mitigate the operational risks of workplace violence, and the extreme violence of an Active Shooter Incident, you must adequately anticipate the entire lifecycle of the event.

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We will begin with the PPT G.E.A.R. Training

1. To improve your chances of surviving an active shooter event
2. To increase your ability to aid others in surviving an active shooter event
3. To provide you with some life-saving techniques to aid injured victims
4. To equip you with sound strategies to implement in multiple scenarios
5. To help you properly engage with 911 operators, Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders
6. To prepare you mentally and physically to reduce the effects of fear and shock

Learning Objectives

1. Essential Strategies for Surviving an Active Shooter event – G.E.A.R.©
• Presentation
• Training drills that are safe
2. The Definition of an Active Shooter and what are the key elements
3. Types and phases of Active Shooters
4. Various Case Studies on Active Shooters

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