Close up of a gun with a target and safety glasses

Every product you see in a store has a warning label. They explain the hazards if you use the product incorrectly. Seat belts in many cars don’t even give you the option of buckling, it does it for you. Much of the safety now days is a little over done in my opinion. When the […]

a special forces sniper in the water

Dry-Fire, Why? It’s been 30 years this month since I first stepped on those yellow footprints at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. The world is a totally different place with new threats and new ways to handle them. Much has changed, but I guarantee you one thing is still the same. Before […]

close up of a man inspecting a gun

You might not think this applies to you, but you are mistaken. This is applicable on several levels. Every time our government tries to pass legislation affecting firearms, sales hit the roof. Every time you hear of a mass shooting new records are recorded on background checks. That means that people fear the government whittling […]