Father teaches daughter to shoot a gun

Gun safety should be an evolving thing in families. But it should always be the most important thing. Evolving in the sense that as children grow into teenagers and adults their access and knowledge of weapons in the home and use of those weapons should expand. This should be as natural as a young person […]

Man at a firing range

Finding a range that fits all your needs in your area can be a daunting task. Asking yourself a few questions before getting started is a good idea. What are the capabilities in a range I am looking for? You can immediately separate your ranges in two categories, indoor and outdoor. Generally with indoor you […]

Woman learning Firearm safety

Years ago, when I finally took action on my desire to get my Concealed and Carry license, I spent the morning looking on line trying to find the right person to take this course from. When I googled my area I ended up with 41,000 pages of info. Needless to say, I narrowed my search. […]

Man firing a gun with an instructor watching

What does Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Peyton Manning and Stephan Curry all have in common? They all have coaches. Some of the most talented athletes in their field and among the best paid and they still have coaches. Coaches are able to be the observant eye and that tough love advice that takes you to […]