Firearm Coaches, Why?

Man firing a gun with an instructor watching

What does Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, Peyton Manning and Stephan Curry all have in common? They all have coaches.

Some of the most talented athletes in their field and among the best paid and they still have coaches. Coaches are able to be the observant eye and that tough love advice that takes you to the next level. They are the people who have only one vested interest and that is making their team or their pupil they best that they can be. It is the same whether it is basketball, boxing, Krav Maga or shooting. Firearms coaches run the whole gamut. They teach things like: basic safety, concealed and carry, personal protection and combat shooting. They even get their students ready for skeet shooting matches or three gun competition. I know that Marines, Navy Seals and other special forces use coaches to better themselves. The fact is, you may never reach your full potential without a coach.

My range coach in boot camp told me an interesting thing that has stuck with me over the years. He said that while there are far more men than women in The Corps, women have a higher chance for the high score on any given day while at the range. Why is that? He said they were more coachable. Very often, more than would seem plausible, the WM or Woman Marine shot the high score. The males didn’t seem to take instruction as well as the females. They relied on the own knowledge and experience. They would use ‘Kentucky Windage’ to get them in the black more than listening to a coach instructing you how to dial in a bullseye. Hmmm. The Marine Corps has the lowest percentage of enlisted females than any other service. The number hovers around 7 percent but the females tend to outshoot the males. It seems like testosterone makes us want to do thing our way vice listening to our coach. Men may listen to the advice but taking the advice is another matter. The prudent shooter listens to the coach and puts it in the black. Well done ladies.

Here are 4 reasons you should search out a coach:

Identify blind spots.
Coaches help you identify things that hinder you that you are unaware of. Identifying a problem means you are halfway to fixing it. Things like your stance or breathing, basics that you have to get right.

Accountability and keeping on track.
Day to day life will always interfere with our goals. It is the nature of things. Coaches help us to stay on track with our dry-firing or making the next date at the range.

Staying focused is the key.
Time is a finite thing, you only have so much of it. A coach will help you use it most wisely by putting time on weaknesses you need to fix or by putting it in an area that will have broader affect.

Gaining a competitive edge.
Getting from point A to point B faster than you can on your own gives you a leg up on either the competition or the bad guy. Coaches keep you sharp and literally on target.

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Michael Brown is a former U.S. Marine and Firearm Safety Instructor. He is also an instructor of Krav Maga and a 7th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.